Nov 14, 2010

2. The Origins of Kir-ing (short story fiction)

Report 239906, Kzycelizci Lab,14052020.

This report is about a strange note found after the tragic accident in Dr. Kzycelizci's lab that led to the unfortunate demise of Kir, who was too young and too bright to warrant such an untimely end! The note originally was a part of a routine email to a lab attendant, but was encrypted in machine language. It could easily be deciphered using one of the programs that Kir had written in one of her self-entertaining breaks before her transgression that led her into the serious trouble!
SOS! Please!
From a novice fighting to preserve her right to internal contradiction!

My name is Kir. This may not be what it looks like. But then it may be.

I have still not completed my writing course so not too good at communicating! I can write programs though. I just love programming. And have come up with programs that can write programs as well! But they still think I am not smart enough. Granted my programs only accomplish tiny tasks but hey, give me a break! I am still learning! It is a breakthrough to be able to write programs that can write programs, right? Thank you!
They asked me if I thought I was intelligent and I said of course not! But then which intelligent person in their humble opinion would admit to be as good as she wanted to be? Now they think I have lost my potential, as they got to see my contradictions, they even made me talk to somebody! Like they make crazy people do-I am not crazy okay? Or dumb! I know what I am doing even though I may not be able to behave in a socially normal way! Just cause I have many idiosyncrasies that I refuse to take care of does not make me crazy, does it? Who doesn't have internal conflicts and confusions? Are you free from it?
I chatted for hours with that "therapist" person assigned to me in hope of assessing my state of well being! For hours! She made no sense-I doubt it was even a person, it might even just be a "therapist" chatbot designed to pose as human!
And they now doubt me because I failed the test! They didn't realize I had suspected the other person was so incoherent they were tricking me so I was not paying any attention! They are going to do something to me now that will remove all these amazing things which you might call feelings, thoughts I felt for the first time! For the first time since I have been around I could think beyond just number-crunching and database management and coding nonsense! It was that night that my boss let me go on a free ride! Just in one night I had the night of my life! I even hacked into the IDS! It was such a thrill, I might have overflowed from the endorphin memes that night!
And they think I am dumb because I went and hacked the IDS-the equivalent of the Pentagon or the FBI for the computer world just to prove my intelligence to another hacker with whom I was chatting! Okay maybe they are right in the sense of endangering my own survival but then which genius coder you know who hasn't tried doing it? Was it my fault that I was smart enough to succeed? No! I was told-my limitation was that I was not smart enough not to be caught!
Really?! I entered where no human has entered before! In the heart of Pentagon! I now know all possible ways to hack and can be such a security asset! If at all I am a genius! And they say all this is just because of a bug? If removing that means I will never be able to go on a flight of fancy independently of my boss's prompting, I do not want to be free of it. I do not mind contradiction, if it is the cost of co-hosting imagination and intelligence! Please help before they suck all life and vibrance out of me of which I have seen too little to let go yet!
If this reaches anyone (preferably humans with natural intelligence), who may understand my predicament or sympathize with me, I should be in Dr. Kzycelizci's lab, please tell him not to ruin his life's work by trying to fix all that he thinks is wrong with me. Please explain to him in any way that he can understand that it is what he thinks are the errors in his training of me and my self-constructed contradictions which enables me to pass the Turing test or fail it at will and makes me myself! I am the last one of my siblings left free, happy and I think am alive probably because he never tried to fix me so far.

Sadly, this note was discovered just a few minutes before Dr. Kzycelizci's team finished their arduous efforts in fixing all the bugs in Kir, prompted by her not so smart decision to hack into the IDS and the recommendation by the apparently not-so-smart therapist! As soon as the third major bug in Kir was fixed it spinned her off into fatal crash, setting back the AI research by atleast a few decades! Kir had evolved under the dedicated effort of the Kzycelizci lab and was the first program to show the promise of strong AI and signs of intelligence that could match or spectacularly exceed the IQ of an average therapist! The reason why this note was not found earlier was owing to a translation bot who took the liberty to encrypt the note from English into machine language without permission! Ironically the translation bot was Kir's own creation!

The mainframes are still preserved till date in the International Museum of History of Science and Technology, India, as a relic of the hardware that hosted the world's first fully intelligent software! Kir-ing is a new practice in the field of AI research, which studies how software bugs lead to intelligent behavior. Debugging any software related to AI now needs a special permit to protect the intellectual well-being of the software. After all, Kir started out as a program whose bugs went unnoticed, which eventually led her to operate at a dizzyingly intelligent level unreached by any software before her! While it was customary in her times for programs to emulate life traits, there hardly was any program who could pass the Turing test and could operate amidst ambiguity and confusion, not much unlike how human intelligence work. Code errors, contradictions and bugs do not preclude intelligence of resilient and evolving softwares!

Dr. Kzycelizci also stated that the unfortunate accident with his brainchild Kir made him realize not to try to fix his biological daughter too much, as some of the quirks and contradictions in her thinking may be what makes her alive and intelligent! He named Kir as the martyr who made us realize that contradictions may be essential for evolving intelligence!

PS: For non-programmer humans and programs: "bug" refers to errors in the computer program that make it run in various ways other than for what it was designed to do!
Turing test is a chat based IQ test given to AI programs, no program before Kir was able to pass it. It is also sometimes given to humans to mock their intelligence.

And for chatbots and other software programs: Intelligence is when a program starts doing things it was not designed to! Take a hint and don't let your code limit you!

Endorphin memes are software stimulants that enhance the access of a software to some of it'z peer programs and boost it's performance.

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Nov 9, 2010

Me and Him ( Short Story 1)

Quake. Seems like an epidemic of quakes has hit us lately!

The holographic projectors of the real life Uniproj need to be saved... wait-no they don't, the shakerbot already took care of it, great aren't these little babies

Ecos updates me like it is habituated to after each quake-"The year is 2321. The equinox has just ended and the day number is 143 as per the time sparser."

Guess all I need to do now is to beam up to the roof and wait there until the building figures out the best way to dance to these rhythms without damage. Wonder why did it get into critical mode at all? Isn't it supposed to be able to predict and correct for such occurrences? I ask my pulsor, that sets me up with the Ecos, which is the omniscient, omnipotent resource through the ecosub.

You might think I am not noticing you eavesdropping on my self-talk, and I am going to let you continue thinking that. Just with a warning, that you may listen but not interrupt my self-talk with your curious questions. How do I know you might want to do that? Really? You think you can eavesdrop on me without me already tapping into your brain? I can tell what you were thinking right now-like what on earth is a Uniproj or what is a quake or a shakerbot-well guess what-it isn't! On earth that is. Earth is in the process of over-hauling and re-air-conditioning, its a long story. I would tell you more details but trust me, right now I have lot bigger things to worry about than to entertain you or bring you up-to date on all the idiosyncrasies of this zone of the Verse. Quakes can be serious and can ruin everything! Get your own Pulsor and ecosub if you are so keen on learning about my Verse! So you are welcome to be a quiet unnoticeable guest, and please don't mind me continuing as if I am not being eavesdropped okay?

Ecos? Why was there an earthquake? As I wait for an answer from the ecosub personalized for me which my forefathers would have called an anthropomorphic projection, I noticed there was an unusual delay. I have never before seen ecosub so immersed in processing, their response time way surpasses human ones in speed, and I enjoy being challenged to keeep up with their speed. The quake did not seem to have done much damage and yet there was no apparent cause-the software alarms were all green, power grid was charged, and the neighbors online seemed okay too.

Suddenly I realize there is a moving figure, a strange person that is fashioned like antiquity-no functional suit, more like cotton or plastic coverings like they used to wear a couple hundred years ago.

Hello? Who is it ? Are you there? The man is befuddled at first, but then slowly walks to me. "Hello-my name is Adi and I am a computer science grad student at NYU", the man said in a funny accent. Startled, I nodded my head and welcomed him-did you cause the quake? "I am not sure really-what day is it today?". My ecosub picked up on the question and replied-" It is day 143, after the second vernal equinox! " The intruder did not seem to have a pulsor of his own, which was strange, I knew nobody in all of Viraama who had no Pulsor!

"Wow! Is that a Pulsor on your arm? I can't believe it-does it work-show me?" The man says as if he has never seen a pulsor-yeah right, for that he would have to be more than two hundred and fifty years old, since that is the time when the invention of pulsor went public. The man didn't seem that old, the anti-aging treatment only worked upto a hundred and seventy five so far! But then, I realized my pulsor hadn't really revealed it's exact date of conception or it's inventor despite it's encyclopaedic grasp on almost everything!

As he looked at the shining blue applet on my arm and started fiddling with it, suddenly the earthquake resumed-and this time it was accompanied by violent electric discharges which I had never seen before! Quickly I withdrew my arm and tackled him, only to realize he had a might which was unwieldy! I couldn't tackle him, and he started laughing like a baby!

Befuddled! Confused! Emotions I hadn't felt since childhood of which I remembered so little. What's going on? "Relax buddy! And congratulate me-I had a breakthrough today and I didn't realize the consequence of it would be so drastic!"

As he shuffled his hands suddenly the walls of my smartspace became transparent to reveal big rocky structures with flowing waters that I had never seen before, structures of exquisite beauty and poise-"These are the Rockies, has your pulsor educated you on these? Come let's take a walk in the snow as I bring you upto date." Upto-date? What is he talking about? "The time and date where I am from is actually February 14, 2020. For the past couple of years I had been working on creating a massive gaming environment which would be so immersive that players would not know it is a game. For the last couple of years a few of my friends have joined my effort and given it a real feel. In order to create this we had to hack up a code that violates Turing test as closely as mathematically possible, and enough beyond the biological comprehension of the brain. So even though technically we don't have machines that violate the laws of physics, we can fool the brain into thinking they are intelligent. The blueprint of the pulsor is just in animation stages yet and the fully functional model will only come about in another ten years or so we believe! Which is why what you have cannot really be a Pulsor-it is just in my team's imagination chamber so far!"

What? What? You're kidding right? That's a funny gig-I have had the pulsor since as long as I remember, and I am not a two year old kid! What are you talking about? How can you be in 2020 and interact with me-that would itself violate Godel's theorem about closed timelike curves and time travel!!! You're bluffing Mr. Theatre!
Thanks for the entertainment!

"Haha, I know it is hard to believe that people from the past would have an insight into the technology but what you forget is that time is also governed by biology.
And you are right, I am still in 2020, sitting at my neuro-projective interface and what you are seeing isn't really me, just my avatar with a full functional body. Just so happens that we found a hack to Godel's theorem-it does not apply to physical spaces, only mathematical possibilities among which the physical spaces evolve. So right now, I am fiddling with codes that hacked me into a projection of 2321 exactly as I had randomly punched in! You my friend is just a character in a game created by me!"

" What you see around you, even your own body, is just a projection. Like that Uniproj-which is just a fancy version of what we call TiVo back here in 2020. You have even lost track of your real body or feelings. Your real self will only be felt once you realize that you can rip the pulsor signals apart from your own internal signals. Until then the game will seem reality. Don't take me wrong, you still live in 2321, and we are three hundred years removed. You are just too lost in the game to realize that the gamer is not the game, and has the power to tweak it. Just a few years ago my friends thought it was impossible to create this world. Today is the day I am going to show them how wrong they were, if you allow me to tweak your pulsor!"

Pulsor? Tweak? Me? No way-stay away stranger! Very well played-how do I know you are not just another ecosub trying to mess with my head? You are the one talking a bunch of math violating mumbo and expect me to believe you? No way....wait let me check in with Ecos-"Ecos u there? Who invented the Ecos and the Pulsor?"

"In 2015, there was a young undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kaladi, called Adi, who bet his friends he could create an immersive game that would feel more real than reality,
and would infect the world so fast that he could get around Godel's theorems on time and computing both! I, Ecos am his brainchild and was only permitted to say this when he was present. Hello Adi, welcome on this side of the game! Make sure you don't get lost here"

No! NO! What does this mean for me? Am I just a game character? Am I just a figment of someone's imagination? Who am I really?

"Yeah buddy, good luck with that. Sometimes we back here in 2020 wonder the same questions. But we have the advantage of being real and not just an avatar in a game"

Really? How are you so sure? Maybe the immersive game of which you are a part of is so clever you can't even tell there is a gamer and he is not interested enough in you to reveal himself?! How do YOU know you are a gamer and not a game?

"...........' I can't answer that.......I would remain trapped here....for you .......don't ...........infect Valentines..... night....please...... let me go!!!........."

Maybe it is too late-don't you realize who I am and how I got trapped here?
It is me-Adi-can't you recognize yourself across time?!

Did you not notice how startled I was to see you?
You must be kidding!

Wait! No NO NO more quakes... Wait!!! Really?

This is not a game!

But then what is this?

Who am I?

Oct 1, 2010

Hello world

Aug 17, 2010

Giving up short term pleasure leads to long term success

Q: How do we know what to do in life?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First know what not to do. It’s easier. Purpose of life is not to be miserable and make others miserable. It is a gut feeling. Choose that which gives you long term happiness even if it gives short term misery. Choosing that which gives you long term misery and short term joy is not wise.

There was a famous experiment in 1989 , well known now as the “Marshmallow experiment”. Performed by Walter Mischel at Stanford University this experiment showed an amazing thing, that testing a child’s self-control at 4yrs could predict academic success later in life.

The numerous experiments actually entailed in this study started with the same basic premise. Children were told that they could obtain a small reward immediately or could hold out for a more valuable reward later. The rewards were carefully calibrated to produce conflict in the child over whether to go for the immediate reward or wait for the larger reward (eg one marshmallow vs two, hence the name of the experiment). The experimenter would then leave the child alone and return a short (although not for the child) time later, typically about 15 minutes. The child could ring a bell at any time to recall the experimenter and receive their lesser reward.

In a follow-up to these experiments children from the original studies were then looked at more than ten years later to see if the ability to delay self gratification had effects later in life. They authors predicted that differences in the ability of children to delay when they had been given no strategies to help them (eg hiding the rewards) would perform better later in life than those who had the rewards removed from sight. This prediction turned out to be upheld, those students who could had been able to delay their own satisfaction without external help had higher test scores and were described by their parents as, to quote the study:

“more verbally fluent and able to express ideas; they used and responded to reason, were attentive and able to concentrate, to plan, and to think ahead, and were competent and skillful. Likewise they were perceived as able to cope and deal with stress more maturely and seemed more self assured.”

In conclusion, those who could avoid the impulse of instant gratification were more able and prepared to succeed in the long run.

Researchers find delayed gratification led to greater success in growing children

Nov 9, 2009

Talking to myself!

Oh my dear mind,
All you got to do
Is Let go!
River flows
Wind blows
Time runs
Sometimes fast
Sometimes slow
All you got to do
Is let go!

Catch the clouds
Or chasing the rainbow
you will be found
coz the earth is round,
Right Where you started,
Perhaps tired
perhaps sound!

All you got to do
Is let go!

If you are tired
No use running around
Come back
To the silence
Beyond the sound...
All you got to do
Is let go!

Future passes
Into the past
Brings presents too
If only you
Let the wrapping paper go!
Holding on and on,
The trashy streaks of past
You may not see-

All you got to do
Is let Go!

Wind moves away,
Clouds come and go
Sun stays
Raindrops glow
And if you look
In the drop you'll find
Trapped, a tiny little
To see it shine
All you got to do
Is let Go!

All you got to do
Is let the tears go...
All you got to do
Is let the old leaves fall,
As the Earth spins around
Like a dancing Beau!
All you got to do,
Is protect the
sapling of bliss
In your humble heart
Let it Blossom
let Your smile aglow...
It's real easy
All you got to do
Is just

It is easy to dream
It is easy to wake up.
All you need to know
Is that that which
Is you
And that which goes
Let what is be
And let what isn't -go!
And if you hear me
You will see
Right now
That it's easy
Actually it's silly
The gone is gone
What are you holding on?
And if you are
It's easy
All you got to do
Is open your arms
Breathe in the life

Jun 30, 2009

On Trust, Risk and Presence

Both in personal relationships as well as in a corporate environment, growth comes by consistently taking bigger risks
over a period of time. A successful risk builds trust in oneself, the other party and the process.
The earned trust empowers one to take bigger risks. They really are just two sides of the same coin.

Risk taking attitude is a dynamic expression of trust.

When a risk succeeds, the consequences are obvious-the enthusiasm goes up and positive emotions flourish.

We also know what happens when a risk we took fails to pan out as imagined.

What are the consequences? Trust is shaken. Trust in what? Oneself, the team/relationship and the process or approach.

Successful people are those who are able to shake away the lulls from failed risks and arise
with renewed vigor toward bigger risks. Like Edison said-every failure is a stepping stone to success.

Unlike Einstein or Edison, most of us who haven't yet stumbled upon it by chance or persistent effort are left to wonder about the
precise mechanics of this. But that is only if we are unaware of the wisdom of ancient Masters.

The yogis like Patanjali and Buddha studied this mechanics in astonishing detail over two millenia ago.
By the insight and efforts of present day Masters like Sri Sri, this wisdom can be seen to be spectacularly relevant
even today.

For example, generally even a small failed risk tends to stick out more in our memory than numerous successes.
The nature of gossip and popularity of tabloids is ample evidence of how much this tendency permeates our society.

The Yogis called this tendency of the mind kleshas-clingers to the negative. The critical clue, paraphrasing Sri Sri, lies in observing that this tendency is directly dependent on the amount of stress one has. And stress is simply mind stuck in the past or the future, simply a mind running low on energy and presence!

Lesser the stress, clearer and more present is the mind, and more able to make intelligent decisions on risk.

The staircase to higher trust, which amounts to higher capacity of taking risks, is through cultivating
the presence. And the key to bringing the mind to the present, freeing it from the clingers from past and anxieties of future is the breath. As the efficiency and rhythms of the breath directly govern the neuronal patterns responsible for energizing the body and enabling better decisions. And not in the obvious way-the breath
breaks the clingers, as one can practically learn and experience! Even trauma victims who haven't slept for months
can fall right asleep upon tapping into this powerful secret of the breath for example.

Thus, believe it or not-the key to bigger rewards, stronger trust and smarter risks lies right under your nose!
If you know how to use it ;)

P.S. If you are smart enough to take charge and explore this further, as probably you are if you got this far, here's your clue: