Jun 30, 2009

On Trust, Risk and Presence

Both in personal relationships as well as in a corporate environment, growth comes by consistently taking bigger risks
over a period of time. A successful risk builds trust in oneself, the other party and the process.
The earned trust empowers one to take bigger risks. They really are just two sides of the same coin.

Risk taking attitude is a dynamic expression of trust.

When a risk succeeds, the consequences are obvious-the enthusiasm goes up and positive emotions flourish.

We also know what happens when a risk we took fails to pan out as imagined.

What are the consequences? Trust is shaken. Trust in what? Oneself, the team/relationship and the process or approach.

Successful people are those who are able to shake away the lulls from failed risks and arise
with renewed vigor toward bigger risks. Like Edison said-every failure is a stepping stone to success.

Unlike Einstein or Edison, most of us who haven't yet stumbled upon it by chance or persistent effort are left to wonder about the
precise mechanics of this. But that is only if we are unaware of the wisdom of ancient Masters.

The yogis like Patanjali and Buddha studied this mechanics in astonishing detail over two millenia ago.
By the insight and efforts of present day Masters like Sri Sri, this wisdom can be seen to be spectacularly relevant
even today.

For example, generally even a small failed risk tends to stick out more in our memory than numerous successes.
The nature of gossip and popularity of tabloids is ample evidence of how much this tendency permeates our society.

The Yogis called this tendency of the mind kleshas-clingers to the negative. The critical clue, paraphrasing Sri Sri, lies in observing that this tendency is directly dependent on the amount of stress one has. And stress is simply mind stuck in the past or the future, simply a mind running low on energy and presence!

Lesser the stress, clearer and more present is the mind, and more able to make intelligent decisions on risk.

The staircase to higher trust, which amounts to higher capacity of taking risks, is through cultivating
the presence. And the key to bringing the mind to the present, freeing it from the clingers from past and anxieties of future is the breath. As the efficiency and rhythms of the breath directly govern the neuronal patterns responsible for energizing the body and enabling better decisions. And not in the obvious way-the breath
breaks the clingers, as one can practically learn and experience! Even trauma victims who haven't slept for months
can fall right asleep upon tapping into this powerful secret of the breath for example.

Thus, believe it or not-the key to bigger rewards, stronger trust and smarter risks lies right under your nose!
If you know how to use it ;)

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